For the past 6 years, US Physicians have participated in medical training programs in various healthcare institutions in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Philippines with the goal of perpetuating stronger networks between physicians in US, Bangladesh and developing countries. The culmination of these events has led to knowledge exchange and hands-on training programs in twenty institutions in Bangladesh, 2 cities in Zimbabwe and 3 locations in Philippines. 

Our commitment to this vision, both as a Bangladeshi American and practicing physicians in the US, is to contribute back to our people in the greatest capacity possible - through an extensive dialogue about healthcare challenges and a collaborative approach that goes beyond political, cultural and scientific boundaries.

We would like to continue to offer our medical educational programs and hope to help our colleagues in Bangladesh as well as in other developing countries to become successful medical practitioners within their respective fields.



Maksud Chowdhury, MD

Waseem Hafeez, MD

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Upcoming Events

Residency Workshop for International Physicians


1. Introduction to PEDSI Global Health project activities

2. Guidelines for how to get into residency program:

  A.  Preparation for USMLE Steps

  B.  Residency application program - CV, personal statement, Letters of Recommendation, ERAS, NRMP deadline

3.  Research Basics: How to be improve your chances by participating in research, Assisting Authors with chapters in Medical textbook, Clinical Observership)


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2. Send CV & Personal statement


December 26,2019 - January 7,2020

School Health Project

PEDSI will train teachers to conduct health assessment. This pilot project will serve as a template for primary healthcare for school children in Bangladesh.

PEDSI Global Health Workshop

Rohingya Refugee Camp

Cox's Bazaar

Basic Life Support(BLS), Newborn Care, Women's Health Course for Doctors & Nurses at camp medical clinics

Participants will receive BLS  certificate, and PEDSI Certificate.

PEDSI Global Health is offering small group interactive sessions including AHA Basic Life Support (BLS), AHA Pediatric Life Support (PALS), Newborn Resuscitation (NRP) hands-on training & lectures on Dehydration, Respiratory illness, Newborn Emergencies, Women  & children preventive care

Participants will receive BLS /PALS certificate, and PEDSI Certificate.

Date: Saturday, Sept 26, 2020

Time: 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Location: ZOOM Teleconference